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Receive all the suppliers invoices in your fiscal mailbox. Plus, we'll request the invoices from your receipts (Oxxo, Gas Stations, Department Stores and more), just upload the photo of the receipt.

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Send your receipts with WhatsApp at +52 33 2970 2200

CFDI 3.3
CFDI 4.0

Receive your invoices in your personalized mailbox

Personalized email ( to receive invoices from your Suppliers to manage them in one place.

Inbox user interface

You will no longer need dozens of billing portals

Don't waste time entering portals to bill your receipts (Oxxo, Gas Stations, Department Stores, and more). Just upload photos of your tickets, we will notify you when we generate their invoices.

Customer profile user interface

Simple + Robust

Your invoices in 1 platform

Centralize everything in one place - Sales, Expenses, Payments, Refunds, Receipts, and more.


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